Billy Rutledge  Senior Pastor

Billy has been a part of the Hatteras Island community for 23 years. He first came to the island as a history teacher in the local high school. That job eventually turned into a position as athletic administrator and in 2001, he resigned his position to become the full time pastor of Hatteras Island Christian Fellowship. The church has been through many changes and struggles over the years, but it stands strong and committed to the core purposes for which it was raised up, to advance the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus on the island, to be committed to ministry to the least at home and abroad through sacrificial giving and going, to equip the saints for ministry. In February of 2006, Billy was led by the Lord to affiliate with Calvary Chapel - a decision he states, "was one of the greatest, most rewarding choices the Father has ever led me to make". Within the Calvary Chapel movement, he found the teaching of God to be uncomplicated by showmanship, religious rhetoric, and financial agendas. He has found himself very moved by the humility of Chuck Smith, the movement's founder, who continually pointed pastors to integrity, mercy, and love in ministry.

Billy's call to preach came at his choice to follow Jesus at age 17. His early years were filled with moral failure and frustration. He admits his failures came due to an inability to keep his eyes on Jesus and look beyond the blatant hypocrisy and lukewarmness of church leadership he encountered. In spite of his early failings, God planted seeds in his heart through the ministries of Keith Green, Corrie Ten Boom, and the ministry of Resurrection Band. These ministries built in him a desire to preach a message of no compromise that is brought about by the call to every person not only to believe in Christ, but to repent, take up their cross, die to self and follow Jesus with passion befitting loyalty to the King. Today he finds himself being influenced by the ministries of A.W. Tozer, Elizabeth Elliot; Calvary Chapel pastors such as Chuck Smith,  Damien Kyle, Joe Focht, David Guzik, Don McClure and many others, and ministers such as Alistair Begg.

Billy's push in ministry today is constantly to avoid at all cost the hypocrisy that blinds the unsaved world to the truth of God's gracious offer of salvation. In the modern climate of seeker sensitive, watered down theologies and growth strategies, he stands with those who call the modern church to abandon the self-focused lifestyle and embrace the cross. The call of God through Billy's message is to repent and return to a state of hungering and thirsting after righteousness, rather than hungering for success and status in man's eyes at the expense of truth. Billy has an intense love for high school/middle school kids and continually works to ignite them to live uncompromised lives. Growing up as a military kid, he has a heart for military families which has resulted in accepting a position as a Coast Guard Chaplain with the local Coast Guard.

Billy has been married for over 30 years to his wife Erin. They have a son and daughter who both have surrendered their lives to Christ and been baptized in the waters surrounding Hatteras Island.